Monday 10 December 2018
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theguardian - 27 days ago

Purple Tuesday is a PR exercise. We disabled people need real change | Sassy Wyatt

It’s great that businesses want to do better by all their customers. But inclusion and equal access are still miles off
Today’s events for Purple Tuesday aim to bring about education and change, but in reality they are just a ruse to pretend that disabled people have a voice. The aim is to make businesses more aware of the opportunities and challenges posed by customers with disabilities, and to inspire them to make changes to improve our experience over the long term. But my peers and I know that it will take more than a PR exercise to really change the way we experience customer service.Think back to a time you were left everyone was invited to that party but you. I’m guessing you felt confused, disheartened, unwanted and isolated? What if I told you that having a disability makes you feel like this almost every single day? Even with 15% of the world’s population living with some form of disability, we are still seen as an anomaly, not people to be considered. Continue reading...

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