Thursday 13 December 2018
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theguardian - 26 days ago

Tim Dowling: you’re not meant to enjoy a speed awareness course, are you?

The first rule of speed awareness course is that you don’t talk about speed awareness courseThe night before I entered kindergarten, my mother coached me through a short speech I was expected to deliver the next day. I was terrified by the prospect of kindergarten, and even more terrified by the reality, but I did it: when the time came, I stood up in front of the class and said, “My real first name is Robert, but everyone calls me Timmy.” The teacher nodded gravely and adjusted her register. I sat back down, feeling faint, and vowed never to speak in public again: it would be easier to get used to being called Robert.I am thinking about that defining moment as I sit in the waiting area of a single-storey building on an industrial estate in Bournemouth. The other chairs are occupied by guilty-looking men with their coats on. We are all looking at our phones. Every once in a while, a small child is led through to the loos by a woman wearing a hi-vis vest. No one speaks. Continue reading...

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