Monday 17 December 2018
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theguardian - 29 days ago

A no-column Brexit is the only way forward | Stewart Lee

After a fruitless attempt to keep up with the negotiations, I decided that a bad column was worse than no column at allDear readers, it has been an honour to try to write this week’s supposedly funny column about Brexit for you. But I regret to say that, after a long and painful struggle through Wednesday 14 November and the morning of Thursday 15 November, attempting to write a funny column on this week’s proposed Brexit deal, I have found that, for my part, I cannot complete it.Throughout my attempts to deliver this week’s funny column, I have been hampered by the fact that Brexit moves either at impossible speed, or remains in a state of terminal inertia. I am like a photographer, commissioned to document the offspring of the hideous forced mating of a slug and a hummingbird, still wondering what shutter speed I should use. It has proved impossible to reconcile the need to provide a column that will still make sense on Sunday, with the demand that it is delivered to my editor on Thursday morning. Continue reading...

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