Thursday 13 December 2018
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theguardian - 24 days ago

Will shrinking aeroplane toilets stop fat people flying?

The new 61cm-wide lavatories found on some US flights can free up space for six additional passengers. But some may not be able to close the toilet doorIf you cannot afford to travel in any class above economy, flying generally sucks, either a little or a lot, depending on your tolerance level. But it especially sucks if you are too wide for the airline’s design.Just getting to your seat can be a challenge, as your hips pinball from seat to seat on each side of the aisle, as if you are riding the teacups at a funfair, but with added bruising. If someone is standing up to put things in the overhead locker, there is a decision to be made about whether it’s worth trying to squeeze past. Continue reading...

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