Wednesday 11 December 2019
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theguardian - 19 days ago

Should I delete all my old tweets?

Lame jokes and bad haircuts can induce a full-body cringe, but you wouldn’t burn family photosLately I’ve been mulling this profound, existential question, as essentially human as asking why we’re really here anyway - that is, should I delete all my old tweets or nah? I’ve noticed more people selecting this option (you can even create self-destructing tweets). But if a social feed is an imperfect chronicle of one’s moments, then is deleting them as tragic as deleting other personal histories? Is it like burning family photos, or grandad’s unfinished memoir?I have some experience of deletion. Years ago, I wrote a comic blog documenting my adventures as a young woman from a conservative Asian background discovering sex, partying, feminism and the joys of Wimpy. I deleted it when my journalism career moved on from editing obscure trade magazines about drill bits, because I was concerned what future employers might say about my essays on bad shags, dodgy raves, or the daft photos I’d take of a former, misogynistic boss through a fork, so it looked as if he was in jail. Continue reading...

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