Sunday 15 December 2019
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theguardian - 23 days ago

So farewell then, Workington man … we hardly knew you | Tim Burrows

After just three weeks in the spotlight, the latest voter caricature has been consigned to the dustbinWorkington Man is long live Workington Man. In the three weeks he has graced this Earth, the Conservatives’ dream ticket to election victory – an imagined 45-plus northern leaver, ex-Labour voter and rugby league fan, without a university degree – has been rebuked and rejoiced in a cycle of binge and purge.Some journalists pronounced him deceased almost as soon as he was invented by right-leaning thinktank Onward. “‘Workington Man’ is just the latest depressing political caricature,” read the Financial Times’s glum banner. Lewis Goodall of Sky News, who travelled up to the Cumbria constituency where this theoretical voter supposedly lives, tweeted “Been in Workington for less than 10 mins when someone says: ‘this Workington Man stuff. What a stupid southern idea. We’ve all been laughing about it.’” Continue reading...

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