Saturday 25 January 2020
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theguardian - 2 month ago

Hanna Cormick: the performance artist who s allergic to the world

The actor and acrobat’s severe immunological conditions make it risky to share space with an audience. Bringing her new show to Sydney, the bushfire smoke presents another problem
Hanna Cormick is allergic to the industrialised world. When the Helsinki-born, Canberra-raised actor, acrobat and contortionist is exposed to everyday items such as plastic, pesticides, cigarettes, perfumes, some food odour or even the ink in a book, she is prone to not only hives, throat swelling and anaphylaxis but “very violent” seizures too.The seizures “look like I’ve lost consciousness and my whole body is jerking and moving about on its own”, she explains. They are caused by mast cell activation syndrome, an immunological condition that forces Cormick to spend most of her life in a sealed “safe” room in her mother’s Canberra house. Continue reading...

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