Saturday 29 February 2020
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theguardian - 1 month ago

How can we all fly less? By embracing Skype and FaceTime like our kids | Adrian Chiles

A huge amount of carbon emissions would be saved if we stopped insisting on work meetings being held face-to-faceMatt Hancock’s been doing the rounds to talk about global heating. He says we shouldn’t actually be flying less “because connectivity around the country is incredibly important”. He also says: “Flying has already decarbonised and can decarbonise more.” I’m no expert but I think there’s probably some way to go on this one. He says: “We should use technology to reduce carbon emissions.” Well, yes, we should, and I have always assumed mankind’s brilliance would find a way of undoing the harm mankind’s brilliance has inadvertently wrought. It has always seemed obvious to me that as long as untold riches (and, secondarily, a place in heaven) await the inventor of the technology that makes fossil fuels redundant, some clever clogs will come up with the goods. I wish they would get a move on.But I also wish we could get a move on and make proper use of the brilliant technology already at our disposal that should by now be saving the planet from the carbon emissions of millions of miles of travel. Planes, trains and automobiles are loaded up every day with people making unnecessary journeys and I’m one of them. I wonder what percentage of God’s green earth I’ve destroyed travelling the country and the world to meet people to talk about work stuff, whom I could have met remotely. Continue reading...

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