Wednesday 7 June 2023
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theguardian - 14 days ago

George Logan obituary

Entertainer and musician who took on the persona of Dr Evadne Hinge in the comedy duo Hinge and BracketGeorge Logan, who has died aged 78, was best known as his female alter ego, Dr Evadne Hinge, the piano-playing half of the eccentric musical-comedy double act Hinge and Bracket, who found fame on BBC radio and television in the 1970s and 80s.Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket had met, went the legend, in their youth when part of a touring opera company. Now genteel ladies of a certain age – and from another age – they performed songs (for the benefit of the uneducated masses) by Ivor Novello (“dear Ivor”), Noël Coward and Gilbert and Sullivan. The two spinsters resided together (Hinge ensconced in the east wing) in Bracket’s mansion in the fictional Suffolk village of Stackton Tressel. Continue reading...

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