Monday 10 December 2018
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theguardian - 21 days ago

Is Netflix s The Final Table culinary TV s last supper?

It’s MasterChef, but the contestants have Michelin stars and hard-won culinary empires of their own. Why are they debasing themselves like this?Netflix doesn’t make food programmes. No, instead Netflix flings itself at the feet of the food industry, writhing and scraping with boggle-eyed reverence at anyone who looks as if they know how to make dinner. There is Chef’s Table, a gelatinously sycophantic squirm up the backside of celebrity chefs. Netflix has Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, where Samin Nosrat pretty much just closes her eyes and hums whenever she gets within 15ft of food.And now Netflix has The Final Table, a food show that is just as slavishly enthusiastic as its peers, but in a slightly different way. Chef’s Table and its ilk are only gently onanistic. The Final Table, though, is just absurd. It’s Nicolas Cage’s Face/Off character, blasted off his box on horse medicine and glue. Continue reading...

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