Wednesday 11 December 2019
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theguardian - 24 days ago

What Britain really needs now is a credible Liam Neeson figure | Stewart Lee

It’s crystal clear: the election is following Taken’s plotIn the Forest of Dean, an undiscovered stone circle emerged from the in the east Midlands, the former high sheriff of Derbyshire herself was swept away by floo and on Remembrance Sunday, searching the cemetery for war dead, I was lead instead by a cawing crow to the hidden grave of the music hall comedian Herbert Campbell, whom Max Beerbohm thought embodied Britain herself, as “a mystical union between beef and thunder”. Stone, moss, water. Birds, beef and thunder. Strange days indeed. Can you hear me, mother?But who would have thought the days would become so strange that the 2008 Liam Neeson thriller Taken would serve as the perfect election allegory for the Farage-Conservatives non-pact and Donald Trump’s role in enabling it? Or am I losing my mind? Bear with me. This month, I have only watched action films from the last decade, all starring a taciturn Liam Neeson. I’m 10 years late to the Taciturn Avenging Father meme, but I love Neeson’s dad-goes-mad movies and they may even have saved me. Continue reading...

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