Saturday 18 January 2020
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theguardian - 1 month ago

No Brexit, no Johnson, no Corbyn. Is that too much to ask? | Rafael Behr

My dream election result is still just about possible. But I’m not holding out much hopeWhen Boris Johnson became prime minister, I asked a European diplomat, a veteran of overseas missions, for help putting Britain’s political mess in perspective. Where, I asked, did we sit on the spectrum of international dysfunction? The diagnosis was mostly reassuring: a wobble not a nosedive. But there was one symptom of profound malaise – people contacting the embassy in search of an EU passport. In stable democracies, it is not normal to shop around for alternative citizenship as insurance against your home state turning rogue.I have had those conversations – some half-joking, some deadly serious – with people activating dormant Irish ancestry or adopting the nationality of continental partners. I know couples, happily unmarried for years, who have tied the knot in order to expedite naturalisation or guarantee their children’s status as British and European. Before the referendum, that combination was available without government permission. Continue reading...

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