Monday 1 June 2020
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theguardian - 9 days ago

There s a lot more to pork rind than crackling | Waste not

Leftover pork rind boosts the flavour of this grill delicacy based on Italian sausageIt’s ironic that one of the most wasted parts of a pig is also one of the most delicious. Pork scratchings are a classic snack, while the crackling upon a mighty loin of roast pork is one of the most revered delicacies of British cuisine: puffy, sweet, golden and crunchy, and altogether unctuous with a salty twang.Pork rind is removed from bacon, chops and other cuts to refine them, but these days there is little demand for this delectable offal, so, once removed, it rarely makes it on to our plates and is instead rendered down for cosmetic products. Woe to the pig. Continue reading...

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