Saturday 15 May 2021
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theguardian - 28 days ago

It’s time to be friends again. But can you remember how?

Friendships have been strained during lockdown. But soon we’ll be getting cosy again…Friendships age at a different pace to the people within them. The friends might be 50, but the friendship pubescent, still awkward around boys and cackling into chips. The friends might be 15, but the friendship greying, threadbare, worn. They age and change through distance and experience, gathering weight or falling away, bruising like fruit. Today, as lockdowns ease and “socialising” beckons, we must collectively assess the state of our friendships, rinse them off, see where we are.The future of friendships is… uncertain. We have spent so much time over the past year alone that many of us have forgotten how to be with other people. We have crystallised, a brittle and sugary shell having grown around the limbs we once used for touching each other in playful pats. The long-cultivated skills, the asking after parents, the carrying on listening even when a story appears to have broken off and ambled down a muddy and quite dull path, the correct amount of time to hold eye contact, all these must be learned again. Even if we have not been alone, we have spent so much time with only the other half of our couple that we now only communicate in coded grunts. “Is the…?” “Yeah. Are you…?” “Mmm.” Continue reading...

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